My Rainbow Hued World

Here, the colourful rays of light rain amidst dreams I dwell on


January 2016

What can I do right now?

IMG_0176.JPGWhat can I do right now,
While voices inside run around somehow?

One little one stops and comes before,
Weeping there is nothing at hand to adore,

I take that one near and tells to hear,
The whistling sound that is coming near, Continue reading “What can I do right now?”

Awaiting Another Dawn

Here goes a song from my heart,

Of a girl whose story earns to dance to the song of love,

Even as her hands traces a melancholic tune,

Hearts and flowers she desires in her heart of hearts,

Dressed in cool breeze with twinkling smile in eyes,

Along the isle of her dreams she walks alone, Continue reading “Awaiting Another Dawn”

Bright lit night

Remembering the bright lit night,

That spills beads of joy inside,

And still cuddling thoughts of the sight,

To live the memories of the one who was beside,

When remembering the bright lit night,

I see the trees that stood adorned, Continue reading “Bright lit night”

Chasing the Rainbows

IMG_8585Following the trails of fantasy dipped in rainbow colours and capturing the captivating rhythm of nature, here I give hues to the untold emotions unsettled in the corners of my mind… Can the ever changing shades that the sky throws, be filled in a pen to weave a rainbow hued world of mine through words?

Nothing can stop me

IMG_0064As your dreams take colours and when you are all ready to follow the trails of the rainbow you dreamt of, you hear the weeping sounds from behind… But I shouldn’t cry for the dreams I have is of rainbow colours that will shower Continue reading “Nothing can stop me”

Dearest Friend…

Dearest friend, in your loss I weep inside,

Thinking of the time you were close beside,

Four years flew away in your absence,

But I hold on to the memories weaved in your presence,

Dearest friend, unsteady in my feet, Continue reading “Dearest Friend…”

There, I wanna go now

Mad swirls of sound dancing around,

Making your mind chain bound,

And as the wish gasps out, Continue reading “There, I wanna go now”

Moon Light

There my love stands beneath the silver light of moon,

Soon his face shimmer against the black veil of sky,

There I stood holding an admiring glance,

Whispering in my mind that you are all mine.

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