Here goes a song from my heart,

Of a girl whose story earns to dance to the song of love,

Even as her hands traces a melancholic tune,

Hearts and flowers she desires in her heart of hearts,

Dressed in cool breeze with twinkling smile in eyes,

Along the isle of her dreams she walks alone,

Standing amidst the sunflowers waiting for the sun,

Hoping the dawn would bring her the love she wants,

But the whirling fog would play its naughty game again,

Making her invisible to the prince in her fairy tale,

As she goes back to bed pledging her hope for another dawn,

Shining pearls cascade down her cheeks,

The love of my life for you I have built a mansion,

With petals of love consuming every inch of my heart,

I only want to look into your eyes to travel to your heart,

And I’ll show you my world that is longing for you,

As this song from her heart echoes in my ears,

All I want is tomorrow to give her the one in her dreams.