IMG_0176.JPGWhat can I do right now,
While voices inside run around somehow?

One little one stops and comes before,
Weeping there is nothing at hand to adore,

I take that one near and tells to hear,
The whistling sound that is coming near,

 From the train of the million things list,
Carrying all that need to be done first,

But his eyes denies to go for all it points to,
Making all my attempts slip away waste,

How can I gather such pieces of mine,
 To love something to break flow the paused time ?

Pulling away from my thoughts to see around,
I  realize that my limps are frozen and bound,

I draw courage to slam the door to the voices inside,
Shedding robes of realization and perceptions aside,

I stand straight and embark on what I encounter,
And there enter atoms of liberating relief through blood,

Calling upon my vast troop of thoughts,
I announce a loud smile spreading at light speed,

What can we do right now?
We have a million things list to start with.