My Rainbow Hued World

Here, the colourful rays of light rain amidst dreams I dwell on


February 2016

Flowers are plenty…but, to you I’ll hold on forever, as tight as possible for no reason

Wayanad: Wrapped in rapture, embraced by nature!

Wayanad has plenty to offer those who come in search of green views, wildlife and many other nature’s magnificent creations. It never disappoints the gleaming eyes of photographers; I can vouch myself for its breathtaking photogenic attributes after I took a trip to the pretty place recently. Even if it is a short journeythat lasts about two days like the one I took, there are plenty of attractions to experience that make your trip worth its while. It is a perfect destination for Continue reading “Wayanad: Wrapped in rapture, embraced by nature!”

Same sky, different shades… just like us!


Bidding Farewell

As I bid farewell to those gates,
That I pass through everyday,

My heart aches and tears find its way,
And I crumble and feel weak as ever,

For never there I had a memory to treasure,
Not even a whisper of friendship that I can measure,

Why didn’t you give me a smile from heart?
Why didn’t you give me a touch of support? Continue reading “Bidding Farewell”

Myriad Shades of Sky

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