As I bid farewell to those gates,
That I pass through everyday,

My heart aches and tears find its way,
And I crumble and feel weak as ever,

For never there I had a memory to treasure,
Not even a whisper of friendship that I can measure,

Why didn’t you give me a smile from heart?
Why didn’t you give me a touch of support?

I cry again and again over the gold I never got,
Opening sluice gates of eyes to wet the dry heart,

Even as the the polished arrows of words pierce in,
A feeble smile conceals the wounds inside,

I ask again and again to you all,
Why didn’t you teach me the tune of togetherness?

Mind does its twists in search for answers,
But heart never knows to be without fairness,

As you see yourselves as angels from heaven,
Let me be a humble flower,

At the very corner of my father’s garden,
And he has given me a rainbow to colour my path,

Holding the gift close to heart I step out,
For that has got promises of love,

And let my lips sing only notes of smile,
And not words that tear up peace of mind,

Still I turn back and ask,
Why didn’t you give me a smile from heart?