The breeze caresses my hair,

 As I breathe in the fresh air,

And my eyes open to the world,

To which I was just born again, 

Feats are bare and exposed to the heat,

Need to run to the wet land or to some shade,

Dry leaves have withered away,

Tenders ones have bloomed all through the way, 

But the spring in my dreams hesitates to come,

Though summer has left me longtime back,

The birds in my nest have flown away,  

And flowers in my garden have turned their face away,

Alone I stand when you imprison me again,

Behind the dark clouds from my past,

But don’t you know that thunder has mould me,

And rain has washed me clean?

You have laid a desert for me,

 Even then I’ll go find my spring there, 

Tears from my eyes will wet the path, 

And fire in my heart will take me there,

My mind says I’ll find someone waiting there,

To be with me forever never leaving me to summer again.