My Rainbow Hued World

Here, the colourful rays of light rain amidst dreams I dwell on


May 2016

As you wave at the world, “see you tomorrow” with those luxuriant rays…


A Letter from Mom

Dearest daughter to you I write,

To tell you how your dad loves you, 

He will borrow the stars to light up your nights,

Has a deal with the sun to show you wondrous views,

Has a spell at hand to make you smile, 

And a heart full of love just to give it all to you,  Continue reading “A Letter from Mom”

The way he looks at her

She didn’t say bye…

This time, the sun woke up earlier than her (his admirer) and got dressed in one of those most radiating shades she likes and stood waiting for her to wake up, and see the bright smile he was going to put on her face. ” Poor thing! Guess she is tired from late night packing,” thought the sun and hid himself behind the branches of the trees letting her to sleep for some more time. But, soon she woke up and rushed to the window to see her waiting friend. The sun rose up from the trees and they both admired each other as their face got brighter and brighter.
Continue reading “She didn’t say bye…”

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