This time, the sun woke up earlier than her (his admirer) and got dressed in one of those most radiating shades she likes and stood waiting for her to wake up, and see the bright smile he was going to put on her face. ” Poor thing! Guess she is tired from late night packing,” thought the sun and hid himself behind the branches of the trees letting her to sleep for some more time. But, soon she woke up and rushed to the window to see her waiting friend. The sun rose up from the trees and they both admired each other as their face got brighter and brighter.

Suddenly, she was reminded that it was her last day here in this place where she had spent the most beautiful time of her life.

She grabbed her phone and texted

Wake up wake up wake up… Wake up soon. I want to see you right now.

‘Last seen today at 12.47 am’

She closed her eyes and she could see him sleeping. She didn’t want to open her eyes because she can’t afford to lose the sight of him. As the earth looks at the moon and as the sunflower looks at the sun, she had her glaring gaze on his face, void of emotions but beaming with innocence.

( The phone rang )

” Good morning, sweetheart. Slept well? I have started early from home at 6.00 am itself. Will come to you soon. So excited to see you dear.”

“Mom, good morning. Just now woke up. Me too, mom. Waiting to see you. It’s been two months…By what time you will be reaching here?”

“I will be there around 12.00 pm I guess. Darling, I’ll come soon, okay… Take care. I’ll call you once I get there and you give me directions to your hostel.”

” Okay Mom. Love you..”

” Love you too, sweetheart. Take care.”

( Phone beeped )

In half an hour time, I’ll be there
(9.30 am)

🚺 ” Waahhh! You came in bike !!”
🚹 ” I don’t want you to sit beside me weeping. I have PLANS. Shall we go. No time to waste.”
🚺 ” I won’t cry !! We will see who is going to cry. What plans ? Tell me please.”
🚹 ” You won’t have a chance to cry as you would be yelling at me to slow down the bike. And we are also going for a walk.”
🚺 ” I didn’t have breakfast”
🚹 ” You don’t want to have anything. Punishment for leaving today.”
🚺 ” Sadist!”

🚺 ” Why we are not stopping here? You told we will go for a walk…”
🚹 ” No crying competition hosted here.”
🚺 ” Where are we going ?!”
🚹 ” We are going for a movie.”
🚺 ” MOVIE ?!!!! It is 10.00 am !! Tell me, you are kidding!!  Mom will be here by 12.00 pm.”
🚹 ” We ARE going to watch a movie now.”                                                                                                 🚺 ” That is not possible.”
🚹  ” It is possible.”
🚺  ” You are crazy.”
🚹  ” Yes, of course.”
🚺  ” What about Mom ?”
🚹  ” Let her wait.”

🚺  ” Ah we reached the theatre… This is no fun. Let’s go back. I can’t make my mom wait. How can I GO FOR A MOVIE  when I should be vacating my hostel ?! You planned this ? ”
🚹  ” No”
🚺  ” Then ? You booked the tickets ?
🚹  ” No. Just felt like watching a movie with you right now.”
🚺  ” Which movie ?”
🚹  ” Any movie.”
He grabbed her hand and they ran to the ticket counter and got two tickets for the 10.30 am show. And as they were pushing themselves through the crowd, she looked at his face. He looked back. They laughed and laughed and everybody turned their head to see the happiest couple on earth. Panting they settled on their seats. ” Which movie are we going to watch?,” she asked again. ” Don’t know,” he replied. They could only but laugh.
🚹 ” You liked the movie?”
🚺 ” I loved watching the movie with you.”
The display on the bike showed 109 and she yelled “Why are you driving so fast?!”
” Your mom is waiting for so long,” he replied.
He stopped the bike near the mall where her Mom was waiting since she didn’t know the route to get to her hostel.
🚹 ” It is 1.30 pm. Go soon to your mom. You were supposed to vacate at 12.30 pm (he says in a sarcastic tone).
🚺 ” Ah my Mom is calling again!”
🚹 ” Go go go! Call me once you start from here.”
🚺 ” Sure sure sure.”

He saw her eyes twinkling with happiness. As she rushed into the mall, she kept her hand to the ear and actioned that she will call him. He could still see her beaming smile.

She didn’t say bye because he didn’t allow her to and that day was added to her most happiest and memorable days’ list.