Dearest daughter to you I write,

To tell you how your dad loves you, 

He will borrow the stars to light up your nights,

Has a deal with the sun to show you wondrous views,

Has a spell at hand to make you smile, 

And a heart full of love just to give it all to you, 

A year has passed since I met your dad,

And here I stand thanking God for giving him to me,

Sun, moon, rain and rainbow are his friends,

Tell him you want to meet them all,

He has a magic lens to see the beautiful world, 

Tell him you want to master that magic,

God has painted a breathtaking universe,

And your dad traces that into a canvas,

See how I admire your dad 

I’m sure he will be your hero,

Your tiny legs will walk through the stories of our love,

Your hands so soft and will be safe in our hands,

I will keep telling you how your dad loves you,

And he will be your truest friend,

He will make sure you won’t miss anything in life,

And do you know where you dad is now?

In search of brightest colours to paint your dream wall,

I miss him but he has to go and it is for you dear,

For you our daughter whom we would meet years later,

But we have already met you in our dreams,

I want to let you know that we are loving you already,

And your dad is loving you all the more.