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July 2016

Want to wake up to a refreshing morning?

The quotes on the phone read, wake up to a refreshing morning and immediately you would google ‘steps to feel refreshed in the morning’ and google will present you with thousands of steps in about 5,01,000 results in 0.61 seconds. Now that’s all our effort to create a great morning! From the minute the alarm goes off till you step out of your home everything you do is so mechanized and the rest of the day need no further description.

Get to feel every morning and let none of it just slip away. Even if a bunch of beautiful roses Continue reading “Want to wake up to a refreshing morning?”

✍🏻 Sugar Jar Love🍰💛

It is a story of love and a magic jar🍰💛


She felt her heart beating miles away,

She was here and he was there,


And she woke up to each morning,

Searching for a reason to make him smile,

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