It is a story of love and a magic jar🍰💛


She felt her heart beating miles away,

She was here and he was there,


And she woke up to each morning,

Searching for a reason to make him smile,


The moon said he has played his part,

The sun was already out on another duty,


She sank into sleep listening to the song of tears at play,

But the kings of sky sent down to her two fairies,


They took the magic pearls,

And put the feats of a dream beneath her eyes,


Now she knows how to deliver her love,

And spread the smile across his face,


Sugar jar it was called,

But it was not just sweetness but lots love in there,


She dropped her wish into it and there popped a luscious cake,

Yes a cake ! Baked with magical spells of love,


Miles away she could see him smiling now,

And distance was fading away with sugar jar love.