The quotes on the phone read, wake up to a refreshing morning and immediately you would google ‘steps to feel refreshed in the morning’ and google will present you with thousands of steps in about 5,01,000 results in 0.61 seconds. Now that’s all our effort to create a great morning! From the minute the alarm goes off till you step out of your home everything you do is so mechanized and the rest of the day need no further description.

Get to feel every morning and let none of it just slip away. Even if a bunch of beautiful roses are on your table or bedside, unless you find time to admire its splendour and smell the fragrance, it becomes a piece of trash to be discarded at the end of the day.  Likewise how many such exquisite mornings have you missed till now? You needn’t be poetic to love the day break and relish each morning but you can take yoga as your companion to fall in love with the rising sun.

When the sky wakes up to a new dawn, stepping out from the black blanket dusted with twinkling stars, let us be early from bed and draw energy from the rising sun to stay bright, energetic and feeling refreshed till the sun goes down. Like the flowers that dance to the charismatic beauty of sun and remain garden-fresh all throughout the day, let us be flower like and stroll joyfully across each day of our life. All you have to do is master the power of yoga that makes you the master of your mind, body and soul and soon you would realise the power within you to relax yourself, calm your mind and heal yourself from all ailments troubling you. How many of you have complained, “There isn’t anything left to try!” when you run behind modern medicines and submit yourselves to various experiments? Try yoga. Don’t google it but learn it from a yoga guru who can give the yoga that is needed for your body.

From meditation through which you get to be with yourself detached from the outer world, to various animal postures, and most importantly ‘Surya Namaskar’ (Sun Salutation) , all give you a priceless sensation as if you are taking a journey with the rising sun to reveal the potential in you, gain confidence and to get bathed in happiness, optimism and good health. Take that decision today to learn yoga and make it an inevitable part of your lifestyle and let the most refreshing mornings unveil daily in your life.