The most delightful mists arising from the gleeful celebrations of Onam have started to leave the mountains revealing the hard boulders and untamed forests. Yes, we are soon to be back on our seats facing the mountainous realities of life. But, life is all about finding happiness, right? And remember this, life always gives us plenty of reasons to stay happy and you better find the right ones at the right time. Mountains would still be damp and fresh from the mist that has just risen. Hold on to that and never let it dry off from your life.

Imagine yourself on the shores of a beach during a blissful dusk. The vibrant waves would come and plant a wet kiss on your feet, but you can’t hold them for longer. Same way Onam has come to gift us a handful of treasurable memories. Don’t miss those waves. Come forward and take back to your heart, those entrancing moments to be cherished for life.