Can I tell how precious you are? I can never tell that. It is to be felt by you. Felt by you, deep within your heart. You would be wondering what I am actually talking about. I just want to put forth this question. Who do you follow in your life? Okay, you will have an answer to that. Is that source of inspiration, a petal of your family? Or is it the one whom you have met deep within yourself?

No? Then ears this way please. I can tell you that the teacher with the greatest wisdom sits within you. There is a motivational speaker right there inside your heart, the one, you have actually been seeking for, with answers to your questions, medicine to heal your wounds and light to show you the path ahead. Never met that person yet? Then make an appointment at the earliest.

Our creator has poured an essence of him within us in the form of conscience. As long as it works you can always be sure about the fruitful seeds and the faulty weeds. So all I want to tell you is, turn to yourself and you will find the one to be followed within you. You would be better at choosing an attire that fits you best and which you are comfortable in, than anybody else. You would only know what suits you the best in life. No wonder it’s always been said, “love yourself and follow your heart”.

How beautiful it will be, if the one who is inspiring you is your family? And then fall in love with the beautiful essence of God within you.  Better not hang on to the trails left by others, whereas you be your motivation and you be your teacher, and your life would be miraculously lived.

So, listen to the music at your heart. Your life is to be danced only to that rhythm. 

There I say it again,

Follow YOUR heart.