🚺: That memory card we bought recently, that’s with you, right ?🤔

🚹: Oops!

🚺: Not again!! 🤦‍♀️ Lost it?😨

🚹: You know, my brother has gone for a trip to Goa with his friends. It’s with him actually… err…the camera too. He’ll be back only by Sunday.

🚺: ☹️☹️

🚹: Don’t worry. No big deal. I’ll arrange it for you.

🚺: Fine.

🚹: Just cheer up! All you need is a 70D and a 32GB memory card. Trust me, you’ll have it in your hands by tomorrow evening.

🚺: Okay 🙂

🚹: If it was our princess, would you have sent her on such a trip with her friends?

🚺: What?!! 😳

🚹: Will you give her permission?

🚺: May be I would… I don’t know. Her daddy can decide.😄

🚹: I’ll allow her to go for sure.

🚺: Seriously? Then, I’ll also accompany her.

🚹: She won’t like her mom “accompanying her” for a trip with her friends!

🚺: Well, fine. Then I’ll follow her without her knowledge. You know,🤷‍♀️” mom’s concern.”

🚹: 🙈You’re a terrible mom! 😂 Poor kid! Don’t disturb her like that.

🚺: Okay. 😪 “The Best Father Ever” title holder can take care of all that then.🙄

🚹: Hahaha😅😅

🚺: Love you

🚹: Love you too


Years after when it came to their lil princess’ 10th birthday, what they gifted her was a beautiful box adorned with pearls outside.

🚺: “What we are giving you now is something that we both saved for you, a very long time back.”

Daughter: ( With great excitement she opened the box) “Mom, there’s…mmm..nothing inside.”

🚹: “Yes, dear. There’s nothing inside which you could see. The most precious things in our life cannot be seen, it has to be felt by our heart… At that time, we were not even sure when we both would be getting married, but we certainly loved you so much and kept a space reserved for you in our heart and filled it with love to give it all to our lil princess to be born to us years after.”

🚺: “We just wanted to let you know that we both loved you so much even before you were born, even before your mom and dad got married. And now we love you all the more.”
Tears… cuddles… and there were lot more waiting to add up to the memories of her 10th birthday.