If someone was to ask me what that I perceive about life, I don’t think I would have been able to give a self-satisfying answer if I haven’t encountered and established a deeper understanding and relationship with Viktor Frankl’s book of wisdom, ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’. I used to stare back at my life as confused as a kid at the shore watching the waves but never truly knowing the depth of the sea nor about the waves or the wind, but just looking back the phenomenon put on show before her blank eyes. Life is incredibly beautiful, but at the same time it is unpredictable and scary as a stormy sea.

Having a dedicated mobile app for daily dose of life quotes and eyes hunting for the same while scrolling down on social media pages were all merely a search for instant relief which died out as quickly as a match stick.  Mentioning about the quotes, many of them telling you to lead your life in an optimistic light, some like rose petals on your wounds and few telling you that it is normal to feel abnormal and you have got company. But, sadly, none of them gave me an answer which could shift the currents and set sail to my heart and stay there for a considerable time for turning the lights on to make a change in my life, or perception towards life. You would be asking me, what the question was, in the first place.

I wanted an answer as to how to lead a MEANINGFUL and OPTIMISTIC life amidst afflictions and woes. It is not easy as wearing a specs tinted with optimism and then you see everything in positive light. Bad joke, I know. So, let me come to the point. Here, I would like to share with you, what that I learned from the book, ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’ which helped me see life in a whole new perspective and how I’m practising it on a daily basis.

In a small passage (Pg.124), the author clearly differentiates between an optimist’s and pessimist’s stand on life, reading which I understood the side I need to be in and the steps that need to be taken. Here, Frankl portrays a pessimistic person as one who tears page after page from the calendar with each passing day, with wary eyes fixed on the thinning series of paper. What would be in his mind? Days running out, tasks to be completed, deadlines, confusion, uncertainty about life, where it is leading him and above all a depressing and hurting question; what did he achieve in life?

On the other hand, an optimistic person tears each page from his calendar and neatly arranges one above the other after writing a note behind each page. What he writes behind each page, is what that he learned from each day. The lessons learned, memories lived, love loved, work done and most importantly sufferings bravely suffered! With great pride, joy and satisfaction he looks at the stack of paper accumulated before him and says “I lived my life to the fullest on all these gifted days. This is my real treasure, my experience, my triumph which nobody can take away from me.”

Now, I needn’t ask you which side you would like to be in. Let me also tell you this. I took this quite literally and started writing down the real gems that I gained with each passing day. I kept a book dedicated for writing lessons I learned on each day and believe me, it does wonders in your life. Some days I felt that tears misted up in my eyes and I couldn’t thank God enough for having given me such a beautiful life and some other days I learned serious life lessons and there were days I patted myself on the back and said, “You did it. You suffered it bravely, and God, I thank you for having given me a great experience.”

So, whoever reading this, I would like to tell you that you have lived your life bravely and you deserve a great applause and a warm hug, So, go ahead. HAPPY LIFE!