The sun flashed his glaring rays on us so distant and small while wind so soothing that came from the seas caressed the burns. Yet, it was another beautiful day. We gathered together to speak. Yes, we were there to speak. The one seated on the raised platform wore a pair of heavy and worn glasses. The speech was measured each time. I was judged. Was it my voice? Or was it the linen I wore? My speech would taste of waters from the well I kept digging for years. But your eyes through those glasses were tearing me apart, though it was just for that moment. The sea inside never goes silent and wind does caresses the wounds.

You applauded for the ones who garnered your interest. They are right. But I have also played my voice with the strings from my heart. You never listened to me, instead  watched me through those glasses. You are seated there in that raised platform. I don’t want to perform. As far as I hold the pen, I’ll tune the roaring sea inside and pour down to the papers with ears.

I was hurt that you are wearing those glasses still.

See, I am also wearing one.

Let us take them off.

Let the scorching sun leave the sky,

We will sing together in the twilight,

And witness the shimmering stars occupy the sky,

Let us stay there for a moment while the silence speaks,

And realize that after all life is so very beautiful.

Yes, life is unpredictably beautiful.