My Rainbow Hued World

Here, the colourful rays of light rain amidst dreams I dwell on


March 2020

Your delivery person

Hi, I am the delivery person,

At your service despite the season,

Handing over your package,

With a smile sealed on my face,

I bid adieu to this load of burden,

Letting go off the weight in my hands,

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A night in the forest

Woke up to the haunting sounds of wilderness,

A lamp in my hand I walked past the trees,

That moved taunting the past in me,

Ruffling leaves passed mumblings of fear,

Flocking feathers mimicked horror plays,

Piercing sounds played notes of silence,

Ran to a house afar that held the light of hope,

Found a worn out wooden chest,

Creaked open the answers to the quest,

Found a pen and a crumbled note,

Opened the note and I opened the eyes,

To another dawn rolled out from the sky.

Awaiting the dawn

Creeps into the corridor of the day,

The silence of the night,

Sweeps into the eyes of the sun,

The darkness of the sky,

Strolls across the street,

The sound of wilderness,

When day seems dreadful,

And night seems deceitful,

Let sun rise within your deepest soul,

Hope shine in your intense eyes,

And courage be your strongest armour,

To wade out to the brightest days ahead.

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