My Rainbow Hued World

Here, the colourful rays of light rain amidst dreams I dwell on


Gleaming Eyes

A New Year !

Walking towards another door, with rays of sunshine cuddled up cozily in all those bright sides of mind, eyes could only meet pictures painted with neon brights. Pressing the handle and seeing the cascading light through the sides, the curled up ones could only leap with joy. A new year, a new path, few choices and beads of memories to fuel the ethereal spark inside.

Beady-eyed feathered friend

We are scared of the animal in you…#wildlifevoice

Among those amused staring eyes, I still scan for a glint of compassion

As you wave at the world, “see you tomorrow” with those luxuriant rays…


The way he looks at her

Flowers are plenty…but, to you I’ll hold on forever, as tight as possible for no reason

Same sky, different shades… just like us!


Myriad Shades of Sky

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