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Here, the colourful rays of light rain amidst dreams I dwell on


Words from heart

The Day I Met Him

The sun quite surprisingly felt satiny on my skin. The wind teased my unruffled dress. I strolled past the raging traffic secretly kissing the day ahead and to enjoy my favorite cup of frothy coffee for the heart to dive in. Another day to mark it with a seal of smile.

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“I just know that I wasn’t ready for this”

“Feeling so emotionless right now”

“I don’t want to do this anymore”

“It’s better I don’t give it too much thought”

“After all I have learned my lesson”

“If you are not up for this, how much ever effort I put, it will all be in vain”

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Set out on a journey to climb the towering mountain, tightly holding on to a misty picture of a foggy sunrise at heart, she never thought of the pricking stones that would make her limp. Continue reading “The Climb”

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Never been in love with a movie title before, but this particular one tangled itself to a fragment of my thoughts which kept rising above the upheaved contemplations, tingling the ceiling overhead. The perpetual serenity that a pristine mind can offer seemed to be the ‘happily ever after’ song the mind was singing all long. 

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Journey of a life time

I stepped outside the pages of my book, leaving behind the stories I carry and undressing the characters I play, to be no one for a while. I don’t know if this is possible or whether I making it up or people like me living in books could actually venture outside. It felt so real and I was sitting at the very edge of my book, as if a girl for the first time in her life witnesses a sunrise from the mountain top, where she sits at the edge of a rock that is seated to flag off the morning sun, dangling her legs and creating invisible ripples in morning air and causing it to form cold subtle breeze that runs down the cliff to the deep forest, singing morning stories to the trees. Continue reading “Journey of a life time”

As world beneath my eyes comes alive

I close my eyes so that my eyes beneath rise above a new skyline. With the rising sun, gushes forth a stream of memories tagged with images wet in rainbow hues.  I soon get drenched in that. That was not it, there is something coming. Speeds through the storming waves, a hurricane of emotions and unsettled thoughts. It all came straight to me and Continue reading “As world beneath my eyes comes alive”

Will you take those glasses off?

The sun flashed his glaring rays on us so distant and small while wind so soothing that came from the seas caressed the burns. Yet, it was another beautiful day. We gathered together to speak. Yes, we were there to speak. The one seated on the raised platform wore a pair of heavy and worn glasses. Continue reading “Will you take those glasses off?”

Let’s talk life.

If someone was to ask me what that I perceive about life, I don’t think I would have been able to give a self-satisfying answer if I haven’t encountered and established a deeper understanding and relationship with Viktor Frankl’s book of wisdom, ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’. Continue reading “Let’s talk life.”

A Love Story

🚺: That memory card we bought recently, that’s with you, right ?🤔

🚹: Oops!

🚺: Not again!! 🤦‍♀️ Lost it?😨

🚹: You know, my brother has gone for a trip to Goa with his friends. It’s with him actually… err…the camera too. He’ll be back only by Sunday.

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A New Year !

Walking towards another door, with rays of sunshine cuddled up cozily in all those bright sides of mind, eyes could only meet pictures painted with neon brights. Pressing the handle and seeing the cascading light through the sides, the curled up ones could only leap with joy. A new year, a new path, few choices and beads of memories to fuel the ethereal spark inside.

Baby, it’s all there in your heart!

Can I tell how precious you are? I can never tell that. It is to be felt by you. Felt by you, deep within your heart. You would be wondering what I am actually talking about. I just want to put forth this question. Who do you follow in your life? Okay, you will have an answer to that. Is that source of inspiration, a petal of your family? Or is it the one whom you have met deep within yourself? Continue reading “Baby, it’s all there in your heart!”

Onam Mist

The most delightful mists arising from the gleeful celebrations of Onam have started to leave the mountains revealing the hard boulders and untamed forests. Yes, we are soon to be back on our seats facing the mountainous realities of life. But, life is all about finding happiness, right? Continue reading “Onam Mist”


There was this nest full of happy birds and one was about to fly away. The lil one whispered a fond adieu and spread its wings for a new dawn. She sunned her feathers to flutter through the winds. Continue reading “#‎AuRevoir‬”

Want to wake up to a refreshing morning?

The quotes on the phone read, wake up to a refreshing morning and immediately you would google ‘steps to feel refreshed in the morning’ and google will present you with thousands of steps in about 5,01,000 results in 0.61 seconds. Now that’s all our effort to create a great morning! From the minute the alarm goes off till you step out of your home everything you do is so mechanized and the rest of the day need no further description.

Get to feel every morning and let none of it just slip away. Even if a bunch of beautiful roses Continue reading “Want to wake up to a refreshing morning?”

She didn’t say bye…

This time, the sun woke up earlier than her (his admirer) and got dressed in one of those most radiating shades she likes and stood waiting for her to wake up, and see the bright smile he was going to put on her face. ” Poor thing! Guess she is tired from late night packing,” thought the sun and hid himself behind the branches of the trees letting her to sleep for some more time. But, soon she woke up and rushed to the window to see her waiting friend. The sun rose up from the trees and they both admired each other as their face got brighter and brighter.
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Wayanad: Wrapped in rapture, embraced by nature!

Wayanad has plenty to offer those who come in search of green views, wildlife and many other nature’s magnificent creations. It never disappoints the gleaming eyes of photographers; I can vouch myself for its breathtaking photogenic attributes after I took a trip to the pretty place recently. Even if it is a short journeythat lasts about two days like the one I took, there are plenty of attractions to experience that make your trip worth its while. It is a perfect destination for Continue reading “Wayanad: Wrapped in rapture, embraced by nature!”

Chasing the Rainbows

IMG_8585Following the trails of fantasy dipped in rainbow colours and capturing the captivating rhythm of nature, here I give hues to the untold emotions unsettled in the corners of my mind… Can the ever changing shades that the sky throws, be filled in a pen to weave a rainbow hued world of mine through words?

Nothing can stop me

IMG_0064As your dreams take colours and when you are all ready to follow the trails of the rainbow you dreamt of, you hear the weeping sounds from behind… But I shouldn’t cry for the dreams I have is of rainbow colours that will shower Continue reading “Nothing can stop me”

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