My Rainbow Hued World

Here, the colourful rays of light dawns on dreams I dwell with…

Let’s talk life.

If someone was to ask me what that I perceive about life, I don’t think I would have been able to give a self-satisfying answer if I haven’t encountered and established a deeper understanding and relationship with Viktor Frankl’s book of wisdom, ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’. Continue reading “Let’s talk life.”



Little I know of tomorrow, 

A lot I have carried from days before, Continue reading “Thoughts”

A Love Story

🚺: That memory card we bought recently, that’s with you, right ?🤔

🚹: Oops!

🚺: Not again!! 🤦‍♀️ Lost it?😨

🚹: You know, my brother has gone for a trip to Goa with his friends. It’s with him actually… err…the camera too. He’ll be back only by Sunday.

🚺: ☹️☹️ Continue reading “A Love Story”

A New Year !

Walking towards another door, with rays of sunshine cuddled up cozily in all those bright sides of mind, eyes could only meet pictures painted with neon brights. Pressing the handle and seeing the cascading light through the sides, the curled up ones could only leap with joy. A new year, a new path, few choices and beads of memories to fuel the ethereal spark inside.

Baby, it’s all there in your heart!

Can I tell how precious you are? I can never tell that. It is to be felt by you. Felt by you, deep within your heart. You would be wondering what I am actually talking about. I just want to put forth this question. Who do you follow in your life? Okay, you will have an answer to that. Is that source of inspiration, a petal of your family? Or is it the one whom you have met deep within yourself? Continue reading “Baby, it’s all there in your heart!”

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