My Rainbow Hued World

Here, the colourful rays of light dawns on dreams I dwell with…

A night in the forest

Woke up to the haunting sounds of wilderness,

A lamp in my hand I walked past the trees,

That moved taunting the past in me,

Ruffling leaves passed mumblings of fear,

Flocking feathers mimicked horror plays,

Piercing sounds played notes of silence,

Ran to a house afar that held the light of hope,

Found a worn out wooden chest,

Creaked open the answers to the quest,

Found a pen and a crumbled note,

Opened the note and I opened the eyes,

To another dawn rolled out from the sky.

Awaiting the dawn

Creeps into the corridor of the day,

The silence of the night,

Sweeps into the eyes of the sun,

The darkness of the sky,

Strolls across the street,

The sounds of wilderness,

When day seems dreadful,

And night seems deceitful,

Let sun rise within your deepest soul,

Hope shine in your intense eyes,

And courage be your strongest armour,

To wade out to the brightest days ahead.


“I just know that I wasn’t ready for this”

“Feeling so emotionless right now”

“I don’t want to do this anymore”

“It’s better I don’t give it too much thought”

“After all I have learned my lesson”

“If you are not up for this, how much ever effort I put, it will all be in vain”

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Set out on a journey to climb the towering mountain, tightly holding on to a misty picture of a foggy sunrise at heart, she never thought of the pricking stones that would make her limp. Continue reading “The Climb”

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Never been in love with a movie title before, but this particular one tangled itself to a fragment of my thoughts which kept rising above the upheaved contemplations, tingling the ceiling overhead. The perpetual serenity that a pristine mind can offer seemed to be the ‘happily ever after’ song the mind was singing all long. 

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Journey of a life time

I stepped outside the pages of my book, leaving behind the stories I carry and undressing the characters I play, to be no one for a while. I don’t know if this is possible or whether I making it up or people like me living in books could actually venture outside. It felt so real and I was sitting at the very edge of my book, as if a girl for the first time in her life witnesses a sunrise from the mountain top, where she sits at the edge of a rock that is seated to flag off the morning sun, dangling her legs and creating invisible ripples in morning air and causing it to form cold subtle breeze that runs down the cliff to the deep forest, singing morning stories to the trees. Continue reading “Journey of a life time”

As world beneath my eyes comes alive

I close my eyes so that my eyes beneath rise above a new skyline. With the rising sun, gushes forth a stream of memories tagged with images wet in rainbow hues.  I soon get drenched in that. That was not it, there is something coming. Speeds through the storming waves, a hurricane of emotions and unsettled thoughts. It all came straight to me and Continue reading “As world beneath my eyes comes alive”

Missing you 

Sleeping feelings in me wake up and cry,

Scorching the senses,

Stealing away even the last wry smile,


Ravenously hungry with a desire,

Trying to hide in depths of burrow,

Only to feel more weakly exposed, Continue reading “Missing you “

The Night Show

Lights out and spot light is on,

Show is all set to flow,

Came the little ones first,

Bright in shimmering gowns,

Shy yet restless they performed,

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